So Your Place Is Being Shown? Steps To Prepare.

Posted on December 6, 2011

[This is a post by one of our agents Ian Phipps. Ian can be reached at [email protected].]

So your apartment is being shown??

There are a few things you should know.  While all real estate agents are licensed, some are better than others; none are perfect.  An agent ought to watch their customer/clients during the showings.  That’s not to say you shouldn’t be proactive about showings going on in your home.

A Quick lesson on fixtures vs chattel:  these are real estate specific terms.
You need to know that fixtures remain in the building, and chattel refers to your personal belongings.  Many prospective renters or buyers looking at your home will likely look in cabinetry, closets and medicine cabinets, but will not open bureau drawers, as a bureau leaves with you.  Consider this before your home is shown.

If your apartment, condominium, home, is being shown, then take the following steps before showings.


  • Clean Up: clean organized homes show better than disorganized, disorienting or otherwise dirty places.  Whether you are a renter or a homeowner, here’s why you should clean up.  If clean, it will rent/sell faster and you’ll have fewer showings to accommodate.  Peace of mind, showing a dirty home is embarrassing.  Do you want prospective occupants wondering “who are the dirty inhabitants here now?”
  • Hide valuables: jewelry, electronics, money, collectibles, medicine*, and smaller things that are easily concealed should be stowed away and/or hidden before showings.  Refer back to the difference between fixtures and personal property.  Many renters and buyers will look into closets, cabinetry and medicine cabinets.  Rightfully so, as these units of storage will remain long after you move out.  *We, agents, have seen most everything and are offended by very little, however our clients might reserve opinions about the current residents’ pastimes.  Plan accordingly.
  • Stow family memorabilia and depersonalize the space: Family photos, while a great way to make a home yours, are unnecessary when showing.  Prospective dwellers want to feel as if it can be their dwelling.  Someone else’s photos render that imagination difficult.  Also, there’s no need for a prospective to know who’s home they’re looking at.  Imagine seeing an apartment with current roommates’ photos than noticing one of the roommates on the street.  Would you think, “I’ve seen where that person sleeps and eats?”  I hope not; it’s a bit creepy.  Either way, don’t give others the opportunity to identify you elsewhere.

Agents pre-screen prospective renters and buyers upon first contact:  “Who are you?  What do you do for a living?  Who else will be joining you?…”  It is not a perfect science.  Sometimes clients and customers have more malicious intentions than that which the agent has knowledge.  We, agents, try our best to safeguard against this, but again we are not perfect.  Know that we will work to the best of our abilities.  Feel welcome to ask.

 Showings are an essential facet to our trade.  Thank you for the past, and in advance for your cooperation.  Be cautious; be smart.  Contact us about it.

If you have specifics like “no shoes in the house” or “don’t let Frodo out,” then let us know.  All of us at Charlesgate Realty are eager to please and easy to work with.

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